We grew up in the Dallas area and I can thank my mother for keeping the country in the city boy by having lake lots on Lake Calendar and Palestine. I grew up Crappie fishing but even back then, we knew the value of a great rod for detecting the light bite. I’ve carried that forward to the early 90’s when I started bass fishing for a change of pace. We used to buy our lures at the pawn shop and knew it was time to go home because we were out of lures and the trees looked like Christmas with lure decorations.

I can thank Lake Fork for putting the fire in my belly in the mid 90’s on my first trip in my new boat. I caught 2 over’s on my maiden voyage and was hooked for life.That boat burned a path to Lake Fork for years after that experience. I can thank Bob Smith for helping me diversify as a fisherman by getting me to join Cast-A-Way Bass Club. I remember hating the first year as it wore me out fishing water that I’d never seen. Working hard to work through that situation helped make me the fisherman that I am today. I highly recommend that everyone find that bass club or circuit to help you grow as a person and fisherman. After winning AOY in 2005, I got laid off and started focusing mainly on Joe Pool – Lake Fork – Lake Welsh.

In 2006, I was blessed to win the McDonalds Big Bass Splash on Lake Fork. Man, what a ride it has been ever since! I am currently fishing Media Slots (Finished 2 in AOY), Cast-A-Way Bass Club, Poorman’s Bass Club, BBFT, Legends of Lake Fork, McDonalds, Skeeter and Berkley on Lake Fork + anything I can find on the great Lake Fork. I was featured on the Chomper page of the 2006 BPS Master Fishing Catalog along with all promotions for the 2007 McDonalds on Fork. I was double blessed when I won 2nd at the 2010 McDonalds on Lake Fork. I have been a blessed man to know so many great people and fishermen that have helped me along my path that I thank god for every moment that I can share in return

Dobyns Rods ~ Make the difference

Why would you ever buy a cheap mass produced rod when you can get one made with awesome sensitivity

Chomper Baits ~ Fish hold on longer

If you try and take it away from them, they take offence and try and yank the Hendrix rod out of your hand. Hold on and set the !hook! Won my 1st McDonalds on this bait

Grande Bass ~ Jerry makes the best

New, innovative baits on the market today. I never leave home without them and won 2nd in the McD 2010

SKYDYE ~ Camouflage For Fishermen

This is a sky colored apparel that helps you blend in with the sky.
Fish look up to feed so don’t let your ugly mug scare them away

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Get-A-Grip-Guide ~ Specializing on Drop Shot on the great Lake Fork, Welsh and Joe Pool

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